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The Collective Maturity of Pin
What Cori Wants, She Gets 
29th-Jan-2007 06:26 pm
stock: ohhhhhh~! kitty cat
Okay – Cori wanted Pin spam.

Let’s do a drabble thing! I drabble, you drabble and on it goes until we’ve amassed Pin drabbles by the bucket load. Good plan, y/y?

Actually, I was going to make this into something longer, but it can be sacrificed for Pin spam for now. Also, someone write that Bleach/JE crossover, I beg you.


“Akanishi-kun! What are you doing here?”

“Why visiting my beautiful cousin of course!”

In the middle of having lunch, Kurosaki pauses, annoyed. He gets up and pokes his head around his front door to see what all the damn noise is for. There’s a tall and pretty boy standing outside Yoshida’s front door, leaning in to hug her enthusiastically while exclaiming about how he almost got run over by a speeding car on the way to Tsurara-chan’s apartment.

He spots Kurosaki eavesdropping on their conversation and waves. “Is this your neighbour Tsurara-chan? Hi!” he says. “I’ll be your neighbour too!”

“Akanishi-kun, what– ”

Kurosaki firmly decides that the boy looks stupid and slams the door shut on him.

ETA: Okay. My tenses suck. No need to tell me I fail.
29th-Jan-2007 09:05 am (UTC)
When Kame first answered his phone one fateful morning while he was driving to work, he heard Jin’s mournful voice saying, “It popped.”


“My Yamapi. It popped.”

“What were you doing with it?” Kame asked horrified. And then the true horror set in at the realization that Jin would probably answer that question and really, Kame didn’t want to know. “NO. Wait. Don’t tell me.”

“It’s sort of funny -”

“I said don’t tell me!” His hands tightened on the steering wheel. “Why don’t you call Yamapi? Not me.”

“ . . . you’re better at fixing stuff.”

“You’re across the ocean, you idiot. I can’t fix it.”

“Kame. Kame, please. Kame. Kame. Kame.”

And here Kame probably should have hung up but he knew that Jin would only call back and keep calling back. So he ground his teeth together and growled out, “Fine. Fine. I’ll fix it.”


“I’ll fix it,” he said again and then snapped his phone. “I’ll totally fix it.”


Jin was a little mystified. Kame had called after nearly a day of silence concerning Jin’s very important matter, saying, “I fixed it. Go to the airport now.”

He had then rattled off an airline and flight number and ended the conversation with, “Next time call Ueda or Ryo.”

So here was Jin, standing just outside of security and watching the crowds of people stream past him. Right, so Jin was waiting for something. Someone?

Obviously someone because that someone had already spotted him and was heading towards Jin. Jin leaped forward to meet him. “Pi!”

“Hey,” Yamapi said, looking ragged and worn and pretty much like he’d been on a plane for twelve straight hours. “Kamenashi is crazy.”

“Maybe,” Jin replied, tugging on the bottom of Yamapi’s jacket. “But he’s really good at fixing stuff.”


“You popped, but it wasn’t you and I missed it because you sent it.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“That’s okay.” Jin gave Yamapi a considering look. “Do we have to go to the baggage claim?”

“No. I only had time to pack a carry on. Kame only gave me time to pack a carry on.” Yamapi lifted the duffel bag up for inspection.

“That’s good,” Jin said and tugged Yamapi after him, “because I’m horny and I don’t want to wait.”
29th-Jan-2007 09:10 am (UTC)

Kame is wise. And Jin is awfully cute.
29th-Jan-2007 09:13 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL - HE POPPED AND KAME KNEW WHAT JIN MEANT (even if I didn't until the end) *hearts;
29th-Jan-2007 09:15 am (UTC)
30th-Jan-2007 11:48 pm (UTC)

... you say he was just taking funny pictures of himself? I'm not sure if I belive you! XD
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