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The Collective Maturity of Pin
What Cori Wants, She Gets 
29th-Jan-2007 06:26 pm
stock: ohhhhhh~! kitty cat
Okay – Cori wanted Pin spam.

Let’s do a drabble thing! I drabble, you drabble and on it goes until we’ve amassed Pin drabbles by the bucket load. Good plan, y/y?

Actually, I was going to make this into something longer, but it can be sacrificed for Pin spam for now. Also, someone write that Bleach/JE crossover, I beg you.


“Akanishi-kun! What are you doing here?”

“Why visiting my beautiful cousin of course!”

In the middle of having lunch, Kurosaki pauses, annoyed. He gets up and pokes his head around his front door to see what all the damn noise is for. There’s a tall and pretty boy standing outside Yoshida’s front door, leaning in to hug her enthusiastically while exclaiming about how he almost got run over by a speeding car on the way to Tsurara-chan’s apartment.

He spots Kurosaki eavesdropping on their conversation and waves. “Is this your neighbour Tsurara-chan? Hi!” he says. “I’ll be your neighbour too!”

“Akanishi-kun, what– ”

Kurosaki firmly decides that the boy looks stupid and slams the door shut on him.

ETA: Okay. My tenses suck. No need to tell me I fail.
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29th-Jan-2007 07:54 am (UTC)
I have no drabbles because I'm going to bed (really, I am), but the ending of that is excellent.
29th-Jan-2007 08:35 am (UTC)
29th-Jan-2007 08:14 am (UTC) - YOU ARE A GODDESS IN MY WORLD, NITA, I LOVE YOU
Yamapi shows up on Jin’s doorstep carrying a French maid costume and wearing a self-satisfied grin.

Jin eagerly pulls him into the apartment, roughly pressing their lips together and tugging anxiously at Yamapi’s clothes. Yamapi lets him, still grinning against Jin’s mouth and helping Jin’s wandering fingers.

They make it down the hallway to the bathroom before they pause, Yamapi’s back pushed up against the wall, and Jin leans to lick at Yamapi’s neck.

“Go change in the bathroom,” Jin says breathlessly.

“No,” Yamapi says with a laugh and Jin pulls back, confused.

“Why not?” Jin asks.

“Because,” Yamapi says with a sly grin, shoving a sputtering and surprised Jin into the bathroom with the costume. “It’s in your size, dumbass.”
29th-Jan-2007 08:25 am (UTC) - WHO'S THE GODDESS HERE? I THINK IT'S YOU
“You know,” Jin said conversationally, “I think you’re a Veela.”

“What. The. Hell have you been reading?” Yamapi asked, flatly.

“Harry Potter,” Jin said proudly. “I’m on the Wiles of the Male Veela Escorts.”

“Do you even know what you’re reading?”

“Of course I do,” said Jin, offended. “It’s the story about Harry Potter and the dastardly Voldie who’s using male Veelas to conquer all of Britian. There’s love, betrayal and a lot of sex. I have thus concluded that you must be a Veela because you are similarly irresistible and very hot.”


Jin looked imploringly at Yamapi. “You are a Veela. Tell me the truth! I’m your best friend.”

“I think I’m going to ignore you.”

“I can’t ignore you – that’s the problem you Veela!” Jin said and lunged at Yamapi.

“Wait – what –”


“Jin, let go of my pants dammit.”

“I read that male veelas are well endowed.”

“For the last time, I’m not - oh. Do that again.”


“See, Jin said. “I can’t resist you. You are a veela.”

Yamapi laughed fondly. “Idiot, I don’t need magic on you.”
29th-Jan-2007 08:51 am (UTC) - THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT
"Would you save me if my mean older brother was going to kill me?" Jin asked, apropos of nothing.

"What?" Yamapi was used to Jin saying weird things, but that didn't mean he understood them half the time.

"Bleach was on this morning," Jin explained, as though it all made perfect sense.

"I see," Yamapi said, since it really wasn't worth questioning him. "Well, if your hypothetical older brother was going to have you executed and I hypothetically had magic fighting abilities and a big-ass sword, I'd save you. Hypothetically."

"Aww." Jin beamed. "That's why you're hypothetically my best friend."
29th-Jan-2007 08:53 am (UTC) - HAHAHAHAHAAHAH
29th-Jan-2007 09:05 am (UTC)
When Kame first answered his phone one fateful morning while he was driving to work, he heard Jin’s mournful voice saying, “It popped.”


“My Yamapi. It popped.”

“What were you doing with it?” Kame asked horrified. And then the true horror set in at the realization that Jin would probably answer that question and really, Kame didn’t want to know. “NO. Wait. Don’t tell me.”

“It’s sort of funny -”

“I said don’t tell me!” His hands tightened on the steering wheel. “Why don’t you call Yamapi? Not me.”

“ . . . you’re better at fixing stuff.”

“You’re across the ocean, you idiot. I can’t fix it.”

“Kame. Kame, please. Kame. Kame. Kame.”

And here Kame probably should have hung up but he knew that Jin would only call back and keep calling back. So he ground his teeth together and growled out, “Fine. Fine. I’ll fix it.”


“I’ll fix it,” he said again and then snapped his phone. “I’ll totally fix it.”


Jin was a little mystified. Kame had called after nearly a day of silence concerning Jin’s very important matter, saying, “I fixed it. Go to the airport now.”

He had then rattled off an airline and flight number and ended the conversation with, “Next time call Ueda or Ryo.”

So here was Jin, standing just outside of security and watching the crowds of people stream past him. Right, so Jin was waiting for something. Someone?

Obviously someone because that someone had already spotted him and was heading towards Jin. Jin leaped forward to meet him. “Pi!”

“Hey,” Yamapi said, looking ragged and worn and pretty much like he’d been on a plane for twelve straight hours. “Kamenashi is crazy.”

“Maybe,” Jin replied, tugging on the bottom of Yamapi’s jacket. “But he’s really good at fixing stuff.”


“You popped, but it wasn’t you and I missed it because you sent it.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“That’s okay.” Jin gave Yamapi a considering look. “Do we have to go to the baggage claim?”

“No. I only had time to pack a carry on. Kame only gave me time to pack a carry on.” Yamapi lifted the duffel bag up for inspection.

“That’s good,” Jin said and tugged Yamapi after him, “because I’m horny and I don’t want to wait.”
29th-Jan-2007 09:10 am (UTC)

Kame is wise. And Jin is awfully cute.
29th-Jan-2007 02:51 pm (UTC) - Damn I so need a Pin icon XD
Yamapi checked the clock on his bedside table. Two more hours to go. Why on earth had he woken up so early on a Sunday morning? WHY?!!

... Oh, right. Jin.

And the thing with Yamapi is that, once he's awake, he could never fall back to sleep. Damn Jin and his coming back at 10 in the morning and Yamapi couldn't do anything but wake up early and wonder if Jin would land safely and if the food on the plane was to his liking and then he was thinking about that ramen place that he and Koki chanced upon while out that day after shooting and...

The doorbell rang.

If Yamapi thought he was crazy for waking up so early when Jin wouldn't be arriving till 2 hours later, whoever at the other side of the door must be insane.

He mused his hair a bit, and opened the front door.

"Surprise!!!" Jin screamed, flailing into Yamapi's arms before Yamapi could get a word out.

"I. What. You-"

"I managed to get an earlier flight back. JAL is nice to me~" He answered, now trying to spin Yamapi round and round and Yamapi thought he should be happier if he wasn't feeling like he was going to throw up.

"Jin, stop! I'm getting dizzy." Jin did as he was told. "Did you land safely? I mean, of course you did, since you're here and all. But did you sleep? Was the food okay? How did-" He didn't get to finish his last sentence because Jin's lips were on his suddenly and he could feel Jin smiling into the kiss.

He looked at Jin in shock as the other boy pulled away, still smiling. "Of course I'm okay, you idiot. But speaking of sleep-" he yawned. Yamapi looked slightly disappointed.

"Oh. I thought of giving you a welcome back gift. But since you're so sleepy..."

Jin grabbed his hand. "Oh you can't trick me, mister," Jin declared, giggling and pulling a shrieking Yamapi into the bedroom.


Ok, that was lame XD I haven't fic-ed for so long ftw? D:
29th-Jan-2007 03:05 pm (UTC) - WHERE IS THE LAMENESS? I SEE ONLY FIC
And Mama!Pi - he amuses me so.

which means this is more opportunity to fic!
29th-Jan-2007 03:28 pm (UTC)

Yamapi was more than a little miffed when a pretty girly boy materialized. He was hoping Jin would turn out as something more impressive, a tasty flying spaghetti monster maybe.

"Are you sure you're Jin?"

"I'm Jin in the final release form." Jin nodded and did a tongue thing.

"You don't look very strong."

"I destroy medium-sized cities with my hip rolls... wanna see?"

One hour later: "Stop playing with your goddamn sword!" 10th division captain Nishikido Ryo ordered.
29th-Jan-2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
29th-Jan-2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
"Yamapi, look!" Yamapi recoiled when Jin nearly poked his eye out with a banana, "It's a JinBanaki*! Isn't it cuuute?" Jin then made an obscene giggling sound and rolled his left hip as emphasis.

"Bakanishi," Yamapi lowered his hands away from his face, now that it looked like Jin had given up on trying to blind him and was currently thoroughly preoccupied with thrusting his hips. "Why are you trying to blind me with a banana?"

Jin stopped mid-thrust, looked up at his best friend and smiled brightly. "I made a JinBanaki! See-" This time Jin had held the banana out at a safe distance, and Yamapi took a step forward to regard it. And now that Yamapi saw it up close the banana seemed to have... a face drawn on it. What the hell was that idio- "-- it's a JinBanaki!! See, it's tongue is peeking out and he's holding a PEACE OF CAKE."

Yamapi stared.

Jin giggled.

"I can make you a PiBanaki, if you want. We could draw connecting half hearts on both-- eeh, Yamapi, where are you going? Are you crying? Are you going to Ryo? Do you think he'll be jealous of our BFFBanaki? Piiii~"

[*Banaki 1 (http://ameblo.jp/alice-nao/entry-10023114635.html), Banaki 2 (http://ameblo.jp/alice-nao/entry-10023836308.html). *flails* x3]

I'm hereby v. bored and v. v. v. much in love with all of you. Have my babies, prz. ♥ ♥ ♥ ..even though I am unworthy, etc. etc. xD xD;

*refuses to look over drabble* *escapes to LA*
30th-Jan-2007 02:27 am (UTC)
30th-Jan-2007 02:29 am (UTC)
XDDDDD OMG!!!!!! That is the most hilarious thing ever!!! ♥
30th-Jan-2007 03:09 am (UTC) - WHOA, I'M LIEK, IN LOVE, FOR REALZ!


Kurosaki had, at first, firmly refused to let Tsurara's cousin rent a room, giving the excuse that there were none to be lent out. However, just because fate hated him and everything, his other three tenants handing in their final payments and informed Kurosaki that they would be moving out the next day.

And of course Tsurara would overhear.

"Jin, guess what! There are open rooms!!" She smiled excitedly at Jin who was incoherent back.

Kurosaki officially hated Yoshida. She was probably the most stupidest person on the earth, and she was seriously rivaling her annoying friend 'IT'.

Kurosaki still refused to give the moron a room, and "there was nothing he could do to change his mind, sorry,". But Tsurara apparently really wanted a friend ("Stupid female"), so she attempted sweet-talk, bribery, and, eventually, threats. (Of course he was going to cave in if she told that freak-cop everything about him, including his handcuff fetish his secret stash of questionable material about #$%^#% # stuff he didn't know she knew.)

But Kurosaki wasn't willing to give in just yet.

"You do realize," Kurosaki drawled, blocking Tsurara's way to entering her apartment, "that I'm raising the price next month?"

Tsurara smiled. "I know."

Next thing Kurosaki knew was that Tsurara was going on a trip with it, and for some damned reason, she was leaving stupid behind.

"Hey!" Kurosaki ignored the smiling figure above his head and walked up the stairs to his own living quarters with out acknowledging the other's presence. "Hey, hey, hey!!"

Kurosaki continued to ignore the other.

Jin wasn’t liking being ignored, so he playfully ran up to the black-haired man and pounced.

“JESUS!” Was the only logical response Kurosaki could muster, and he found himself face-flat on the floor.

“Do you like pineapples?” Jin had nuzzled his chin into the crook of Kurosaki’s neck, and if it weren’t for the taller man’s massive weight, Kurosaki would have tossed him over the banister. And because Kurosaki was almost certain the other man wouldn’t let him up, Kurosaki decided to answer truthfully.

“Not in the least.”

“That’s weird,” came the response, and Kurosaki felt like a thousand had been lifted off his back. “Because, you really remind me of a pineapple. I guess you wouldn’t eat yourself, right?”

Kurosaki was speechless. And still flat on the ground. In pain.

He really hated Tsurara about now.



30th-Jan-2007 09:03 am (UTC)
30th-Jan-2007 04:38 am (UTC)
Five One Reasons Not To Give The Collective Maturity of Pin A Sharpie

Jin was writing on a board that would eventually be thrown into a crowd of screaming fangirls when Yamapi walked past the dressing room door. Yamapi glanced in causally, then did a overly dramatic double-take before launching himself through the door frame.

"Oh my god," Yamapi exclaimed with wide eyes, and covered his mouth with his hands. "It's Akanishi Jin!"

Jin looked up from the board in confusion.

Yamapi gasped. "It really is you! The real Akanishi Jin in the flesh!"

Jin finally caught on. "Ah. Yes. That would be me." He fanned himself. "Be awed by my prowess."

"Oh, your worship, I have a request," Yamapi explained, flailing towards him. "I'm your biggest fan."

Jin grinned and raised his eyebrows suggestively. "Anything for my biggest fan."

"Oh, Jin," Yamapi said, ripping open his shirt. "Sign my boobs!"
30th-Jan-2007 07:38 am (UTC)
oh GOD :D
30th-Jan-2007 08:37 am (UTC)
OMG!! I WAS KILLED! I MELTED! I DIED AND NOW...*turns into a puddle of flailing goo*


Enter Jin:

Jin(popping his head into NewS' dressing room): "Anyone seen Pi?"

Ryo(snarkily):"No you bozo! Go take your poop-coloured head and look for your other half in the KAT-TUN room where he most likely will be, looking for you!"

Jin(blinks): "My head is not poop-coloured Ryo! Why are you so mean you meanie!!"

Here, Jin will plop himself on the floor and burst into large tears.

Enter Yamapi:

Yamapi(chirps): "Hey Jinny~"

No response from Jin.

Yamapi(confused): "Why are you crying?"

Jin: "Ryo called me a poop-head. Am I a poop-head Pi? Answer me! Yes or No!"

Yamapi: ...

Jin: "'...' is not a good enough answer! You fail! IHU!!"

Jin flails and runs out of the room. Yamapi clutches his heart. Insert monolouge sequence between Ryo and Yamapi.


Yamapi and Jin make up. Insert smut scene♥♥.




"So...what do you think! It's good right? We were learning plays in class and so I decided to come up with my own! Don't you think I made Ryo just like Ryo! Huh? HUH? YAMAPI!!"


"Helooo...still there?" Jin tapped the mouthpiece of the phone.

"Jin...why didn't you write the other scenes?" A cough sounded on the other line.

"Oh...did you want to read it? I didn't know...I'll go write if now if you want."

"...ok...whatever...coughbetterdoitquickcough" Jin blinked.

"Are you ok? I'll email you the scene soon. Stay online kay. Bye~"



Sorry…I'm sick and my brain died so…yeah…DDDX

30th-Jan-2007 09:07 am (UTC)


30th-Jan-2007 11:40 pm (UTC)
...WIN. It's everything I hoped it would be ♥
31st-Jan-2007 01:37 am (UTC)
This began as an attempt to write Pin where Yamapi tops. It failed. I also borrowed from Korea (the Monster Yamapeen is so totally canon). And... that's about it. PIN FOR THE WIN.


They had seen each other with little or no clothes on before, of course, but other than subconsciously informing Jin's mind of what images to supply during those kind of dreams, Jin had never really paid close attention to Yamapi's body-parts.

He had the vague impression of It being large, but he was mentally unprepared when faced with the reality of it two and a half weeks after Jin and Yamapi decided that yes, they did, in fact, both have extremely un-platonic thoughts about the other on a regular basis and that this might be a good indication of a) their sexual orientation, b) they both wanted to do very bad things to their mutual best friends not called Ryo-chan or U-kun or in any way or form turtle-shaped, and c) confirmed their stupidity for not having realised all this earlier.

It was one thing to compare size as any teenage boys were prone to do and acknowledge there was a clear winner before starting a water fight in the onsen while making lewd jokes. It was quite another to contemplate it from the angle Jin was currently in.

Jin shrieked and ran away, locking himself in the bathroom and refusing to come out until Yamapi promised to put it away.

Yamapi sighed and knocked on the door.

"Jin, I get that you're nervous. I am too-"

"This isn't me being nervous, Yamapi! This is me saying 'no way'!"

"Jin-!" Yamapi was cut off by the door creaking open and Jin emerging, eyes dark and pupils dilated. Yamapi wasn't sure if it was from alcohol or –

"Yamapi, look at it! It's a – a – a monster!"

- ah. Fear, then.

"That's what preparation is for, you idiot," said Yamapi, exasperated.

"There is not enough lube in the world, Pi," answered Jin resolutely, ashen-faced.

They had negotiated hectic work schedules, restrained urges to jump each other in corridors, and waited until they were indoors.

I'm not going to give up at the last hurdle, thought Yamapi with determination, as insurmountable as it may seem, he amended when he looked down and considered the 'hurdle' in question.

As Yamapi comforted a traumatised Jin, patting his back absent-mindedly, he began to plot.

31st-Jan-2007 02:24 am (UTC)
Aaaw! ♥♥♥♥ This is like a golden mine of PIN!!! This is everything a girl needs to be happy! Well, at least for a little while... until she's read all of them once, twice and giggled histerically for some time... Gosh, where can I find MORE?????

You all are AWESOMENESS!!!!
31st-Jan-2007 03:01 am (UTC) - Yoshinoya
Okay, so... I am NOT a writer. I NEVER write. But I've just woken up and this has made me wish I COULD write, so I'll try. Forgive my first attempt at an actual fic/drabble...

*so embarrassed*

Kame seriously wondered if maybe getting a booth wouldn't have been a better idea.

He watched as Jin spun around one last time, attempted to lean against the counter, missed, and dizzily toppled to the floor, giggling. Yamapi took one look at him and promptly fell over in the other direction, laughing hysterically.

Unfortunately, this meant that he crashed into Kame, who calmly reached up a hand and shoved Yamapi off. Motor skills gone from laughter, Yamapi crumpled off his stool and landed awkwardly on top of Jin.

The two of them lay there, squashed between two stools and the counter, giggling and gasping.

"Hey, Kame, did you know they spin?" There was more delighted laughter from Jin.

Kame glanced down once, then at his almost empty glass, sincerely wishing the clear liquid was something of an alcoholic nature. He signaled the waiter.

"Excuse me, can I have some more water?"

He took one more look at Jin and Yamapi, only now just trying to untangle themselves, and rolled his eyes.

"And the check, please?"
31st-Jan-2007 03:19 am (UTC) - Re: Yoshinoya
I am NOT a writer...has made me wish I COULD write, so I'll try...
You must continue, because this was very much a successful attempt.

It has Pin being idiots and Kame being sober and alsnfjldnglfbdg GENIUS!ANONYMOUSE, I WOULD LIKE MORE, PLEASE. ♥
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