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The Collective Maturity of Pin
No new theme this week - we've had five themes for The Pin Drabble… 
10th-Mar-2007 06:56 am
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No new theme this week - we've had five themes for The Pin Drabble Thing so far after wintersjuly's original drabble thing, and I thought we could take a breather (because Fridays come along too quickly!) and let everyone catch up and drabble for any themes they missed.

Theme No. 1: BONDAGE!

Theme No. 2: CHOCOLATE!

Theme No. 3: BLOOD AND SNOW!

Theme No. 4: HEAT WAVE!

Theme No. 5: BAD HABIT!

Blurb: No restrictions! Any length, any combination of Yamapi and Jin (including drama characters), everyone is welcome (yes, that means you too, anony!mouse), anything remotely Pin-y, all week long.

Read any drabbles you missed! Post new ones here for any of the themes so far! PIN FOR THE WIN ♥!
10th-Mar-2007 08:36 pm (UTC) - Re: 'blood and snow' drabble...
Ah, poor Yamapi. First he gets abused, then Jin doesn't even realize he's mad, and then he realizes he wants to jump Jin. ;-) This is cute and there should be more.

(Unfortunately, the only theme I haven't done is Blood and Snow, and I have no ideas for that. *lets the ball roll past*)
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