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The Collective Maturity of Pin
It's Friday! The Pin Drabble Thing! Since Valentine's Day is… 
9th-Feb-2007 09:43 pm
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It's Friday!

The Pin Drabble Thing!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up...

Theme No.2: CHOCOLATE!

♥ ♥ ♥

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ETA: darkeyedwolf has kindly uploaded mood music to enhance your Pin-drabbling experience.

TegoMassu's Chokoletto!
10th-Feb-2007 12:51 am (UTC)
Yamapi’s cell phone buzzes with a text from Jin. “CHOCOLATE” is all it says, written in English with capital letters. Yamapi blinks. So Jin learned a new word, good for him…?

But then Yamapi finds a picture from Jin in his mailbox. Jin’s smiling like he’s just won a week’s vacation to Hawaii, proudly showing off a bar of chocolate to the camera. It wouldn’t be weird except for the fact that they see each other all the time at work, so why mail a picture?

Yamapi is slightly afraid of getting involved into one of Jin’s mind-boggling games, the kind where nothing makes sense to anyone except for Jin, and you have to play until he’s tired of it and starts explaining the rules, which is when he finally realizes it doesn’t make sense at all. So Yamapi immediately corners Jin the next day, as soon as he gets the chance.

“What is this, Jin?” He holds up the picture.

Jin smiles very widely.

Yamapi takes a step back.

“I’m surprising you with chocolate!” Jin says very happily, and Yamapi can’t help but roll his eyes.

“Bakanishi, you don’t tell someone you’re going to surprise them,” Yamapi says, exasperated. “That’s ruining the surprise.”

“Oh, you’ll be surprised,” Jin says with a twinkle in his eye that his best friend completely misses. Yamapi figures Jin will show up at his house ready to play video games and at some point will whip out a (probably melted) chocolate bar and yell “SURPRISE!” He secretly bets himself a thousand yen that Jin’s surprise is what he pictured. Of course he’s right, he knows his best friend.

A few nights later, Yamapi jerks out of his peaceful slumber, feeling something hot and thick right by his neck. “Ah!” he exclaims, because it’s almost hot enough to burn. He instinctively moves to sit up and wipe off whatever the hell got on him, but suddenly a warm hand is pushing his shoulder down and a warm body is moving to straddle him.

Yaampi makes a choked sound before trying to push off the body, but suddenly there’s a tongue stroking his collarbone and he kind of forgets whatever he was going to do. His senses suddenly kick in and he smells what’s on him: chocolate. And by the feel of it, melted chocolate.

“Jin?” Yamapi realizes, half shocked and half hoping. And then Jin’s eyes are meeting his, and Jin’s grinning again. “I told you I’d surprise you,” he says confidently. He licks the last of the chocolate from the delicate curve of Yamapi’s neck before whispering in his ear. “You would taste good on your own, but isn’t it kinky this way?”

Yamapi shivers a little as he nods.
10th-Feb-2007 01:16 am (UTC)
Surprise chocolate attack! XD I approve! I want to know how Jin got the idea.
10th-Feb-2007 01:19 am (UTC)
That's really funny, especially Jin being all proud of himself for his plan (which, really, was a very good one).
10th-Feb-2007 04:58 am (UTC)
Omg! Hahahah!! ... why am I surprised that Jin didn't burn Pi with the chocolate? >_>

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